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Marketing today is much different than it was 20 years ago. Because of technology, traditional marketing is giving way to inbound marketing.

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Everybody makes mistakes. What matters is how you handle your mistakes. Every mistake is actually an opportunity to reinforce your relationship with a client.

If you are selling a service, you are selling nothing more than a promise. A promise that you will do SOMETHING for a client. There is no widget that a prospect can hold or feel to give them a warm-fuzzy feeling that they are making the proper choice of service providers. The client is buying the integrity of a brand… and that the company behind the brand will deliver upon the promise.

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It’s just an email signature.  It can seem so small and unnecessary when analyzing the big picture of defining  organizational identity standards.  There is so much work put into ensuring consistency with logo usage, video title sequences, website design, presentation templates, letterhead, brochures, signage… the list goes on… and on… and on.

But when you think about it, email is probably the most widely used form of daily correspondence within an organization.  Far exceeding the use of letters written on stationery or any other form of communication.  Once you realize the amazing amount of touches email has, it is very important to develop an official organizational format for your email signature.

Donald Trump - Your Web Developer is FiredIf you completed a website redesign within the last 3 years and the architecture is “static” you should probably fire whoever built it… and in some cases you might be firing yourself.

What does “static” mean?
A static website is one that does not change (or cannot change without changing the code on every page). These are HTML-only sites that do not use a shared library of files for common page elements (header, footer, navigation).

What is a “dynamic” website?
A dynamic website is one that is usually constructed using server-side code that programatically builds the HTML a user is presented with and the content is most often stored in a database. Common elements are built using a shared file library. Simply stated, changing some text in the website footer only requires a change to the one shared footer file. Read more